Why aren't people forced to wear high visibility clothing when on foot on the road?

After a couple of incidents I witnessed this week it is so clear to me of the benefits of always wearing high visibility jackets at a breakdown situation or similar. Rule 274 of the Highway Code only advises to “help other road users see you” by wearing reflective clothing at night. In most of Europe I believe it is illegal not to wear such. Surely it would take only about 10 minutes of Parliamentary time to sort out such a no-brainer? Additionally the pedestrians I also witnessed this week crossing the A23 at Hooley in Surrey (not at a pedestrian crossing or central refuge) and waiting in the middle of one of the busiest trunk roads - they are a danger not only to themselves, but to other drivers who cannot easily see them in the dark. At least think of drivers who had to brake or swerve at the last minute to avoid you. Once again the right clothing would have been key to being seen if they had the brains to think about that.

Asked on 24 March 2012 by GA, Old Coulsdon

Answered by Honest John
I agree. Everyone should be encouraged to carry a high visibility coat or tabard in their car, preferably one for every passenger. High vis tabards cost from as little as £1, and you can get a warm, lined high vis coat for use in winter for about £12. Anyone riding a motorcycle or a bicycle or a horse or pony without a hi vis vest is virtually begging to get killed. You should write to Mike Penning, the Road Safety Minister, who is very receptive to sensible ideas.
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