Why are low-riding recumbent bicycles allowed on our roads in poor visibility?

I experienced a very serious incident today. I was driving (with lights on) in bad weather conditions on a very wet road shaded by trees. I was not following any vehicle, and had sight of a queue of traffic with a large lorry at the front on the opposite side of the road travelling towards me. As the lorry got closer it started to veer towards the centre of the road (no signals showed on the lorry), and then it continued to drive over the centre straight at me. I had no idea why the lorry was doing this, so obviously started to brake fast and to turn towards edge of the road.

At the last minute, as the lorry came towards me I saw the reason: a recumbent cycle riding on the opposite side of the road. It had no lights, and the rider was covered by a dark coloured rain cover: where was the fluorescent rainwear that would have been easier to see? It was no wonder to me that the lorry driver had only just seen it too, and I was very relieved not to have been hit by the lorry, in fact I have had a very near miss. Why are these cycles allowed on the road? Is there, or has there been a move to remove them from the roads?

Asked on 9 August 2012 by SM, Basingstoke,

Answered by Honest John
They are suicyclists. Some daft old bugger used to do the same in my area, causing crashes and near misses wherever he went. You are quite right. I'll stick my neck out and state they should be banned unless covered in high-viz with a large high-viz flag above them, and never out after dusk and before dawn.
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