Why is my Audi A4 juddering when cold?

I bought a 2007 Audi A4 TDI ten months ago with 25,000 on the clock and a 12-month Audi warranty. When setting off in first gear it intermittently judders, particularly when the engine is cold and on hill starts, no matter how carefully I set off. The Audi garage claims not to have noticed it when I have taken it in for checking. There is now only one month left on the guarantee and I am worried it could be something serious and that Audi will refuse to accept responsibility once the warranty expires.

Asked on 3 October 2012 by DB, Cheltenham

Answered by Honest John
It might be an engine management problem, or it might be the impending failure of the dual mass flywheel, which is very expensive.

Update: DB went back to the dealer, who solved the problem with a software upgrade.
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