Why are Jaguars particularly comfortable for me despite my bad back?

12 years ago I was in permanent pain whether sitting, standing or lying down. My chiropractor told me he could no longer help me after 20 years of successful treatment. The only place I could avoid pain was in the seat of my 1996 XJ6 Sport, so I used to sit and read or listen to the radio for hours on end. After a successful spinal operation I was back at work in three weeks and have not had any back pain since.

More recently I bought an XF. It's not quite as comfortable as the XJ but it is also very good. On my regular journeys for meetings from Reigate to Manchester I can drive non-stop in either Jaguar, but in my daily car, a 1992 Mercedes 300SE, I have to stop for a rest and exercise half way on every journey.

Asked on 12 August 2012 by CD, via email

Answered by Honest John
This experience endorses the advice of Professor Mark Porter, formerly of the Ergonomics unit at Loughborough University. Key factors are the length of the seat squab, the recline of the backrest (which should be slightly reclined to spread the load of the torso into the seat back rather than the base of the spine) and the height of the seat back side bolsters. If these bolsters are too high they pinch the backs of smaller people, particularly smaller, broad-shouldered people, and are intensely uncomfortable.
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