How do I deal with the uncomfortable driver's seat in the Hyundai i10?

I've just got a 2015 Hyundai i10 and find the driver's seat really uncomfortable on the bottom of my spine (it actually feels bruised and is painful every time I drive). The problem seems to be with a metal bar that goes across the bottom of the back support - there's very little padding around it. I think this was also an issue in the i20 for some people. I've never had this issue with a car before. Is this a common problem and has anyone else found a solution? I've tried cushions, but still the same issue. I'd be very grateful for any suggestions to resolve this.

Asked on 14 May 2017 by fran

Answered by Honest John
First complaint received about this. But back problems are different for everyone who suffers them, and solutions are similarly different. If you are concentrating too much weight on the base of your spine, try reclining the seat back more and then some of the weight of your torso will feed into the backrest.
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