Why are TfL staff telling London workers to work from home during the London Olympics?

I believe we drivers who suffer the Olympic shenanigans are entitled to a bonus. Tube drivers, bus drivers, the Boris Bike mechanics, and TfL workers are flocking to climb on the bandwagon to demand bonuses for just doing their jobs. What about the poor Joe Soap who needed his car, or van to earn his living while the Olympics were going on? What’s in it for him?

I have just listened on the radio to some idiot from TfL warning Londoners and drivers to think twice about coming into London for the duration of the games. This pompous prat warned of the fines drivers could incur if they strayed into the Olympic traffic lanes, or dared to park in Olympic-designated car parks. The TfL official also warned that most London hotels are fully booked at the time of the Olympics, so anyone else thinking of staying in London would not get hotel accommodation.

The TfL official then went on to offer this mind boggling advice to all ordinary Londoners that have to come into London to work while the Olympics are taking place. He suggested that people should work from home, and consider buying a garden shed so that they could use the shed as an office. He said sheds could be carpeted, and have toilet and kitchen facilities incorporated.

Please tell me am I going mad? We are governed by idiots because these Olympic games are going to make a thumping great loss. I believe that some countries that have hosted Olympic games are still paying the costs more than a decade later.

Asked on 9 January 2012 by LD, Surrey.

Answered by Honest John
That's TfL for you. But my business involves around 15 people, most of whom work from home most of the time. What the TfL prat did not realise is that once people start working from home, and stop wasting 2 - 5 hours a day commuting, both they and their employers will realise that this is much more time efficient. Then, once the Olympics are over, TfL revenues will fall through the floor as people simply stop wasting valuable time commuting into London.
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