What could be causing my Honda Jazz automatic to 'judder' when pulling away?

I would be grateful for your opinion and advice with a problem I have with my Jazz. It is an automatic purchased new in September 2003, with 33,000 on the clock. It is driven mainly around town and monthly on a motorway 200 mile round trip. It has been serviced regularly by the same Honda garage it was purchased from. It was trouble free until two weeks before the annual service in August 2010, when I experienced a slight judder on moving off. I mentioned this to the mechanic and on picking up the car was told it has been “flushed out” free of charge and that should solve the problem, but if not Honda would be informed.

Again, just prior to the 2011 service, the problem returned. This time the mechanic rang me to say he would have to “flush out” again but would have to charge this time as the car was out of the 7-year guarantee (completely unknown to me) and a charge of £93 would have to be made. This concerns me as I feel I cannot sell my car with this problem. I asked the garage to discuss this with Honda but they have had no response. Please can you in lay terms explain the problem and advise me on future action?

Asked on 21 January 2012 by AM, Pinner

Answered by Honest John
These transmissions need a change of automatic transmission fluid every three years or so and also a change of microfilter. Even so, they are not necessarily everlasting and this one is now nearly eight years old, well beyond any responsibility of Honda. But this problem might not be the transmission itself. It might be the electromagnetic clutch.
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