We are receiving demands relating to a driver wrongly registered at our address - what can we do?

About the middle of 2010, we received a letter addressed to a Mr Alan Thompson at our address. We are the first owners of a new house, which was built on the site of the old village hall, and Mr Thompson has never lived here. We returned the letter advising accordingly. Letter after letter arrived and all were returned with 'Not known at this address'. Eventually I opened one and it was a parking fine demand. DVLA advises it was for a hire car, not registered at our address. The Authority issuing the demand says it got the address from the DVLA - which the DVLA denies.

We have had a visit from a Court bailiff for one offence where the licence plate of the car was not the same but it was still a hire car. We are now getting at least two letters a week. It seems evident this man has a driving licence with our address on it, so it's obviously forged, so he is committing at least one crime of driving uninsured. The DVLA is not interested, the police are not interested and the deluge of letters keeps coming. Any advice please?

Asked on 21 January 2012 by RB, Daventry

Answered by Honest John
The errant driver must have managed to get his driving licence registered to your address and used this to hire the car. Though that begs the question how he managed to get it delivered. Obtain a court order demanding that the DVLA removes your address from all its records that do not relate to your car and yourselves personally.
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