Why is nothing done about the dangers of changing tyres on the hard shoulder of a motorway?

I was most saddened to read of the death of a policeman, struck down by a HGV on the M1 while helping a lady who had broken down on the hard shoulder. PC Goodlad, of the Wakefield police, was off duty and on his way home when he stopped to help a member of the public. This policeman was a professional, with reflective clothing, flashing lights, and equipment showing he was stationary, and still he was struck down.

It shows you just how dangerous hard shoulders are. I was on my way to Bristol, last week on the M4, when we saw a stupid fool trying to change his flat tyre on the hard shoulder of the motorway. His two young sons, and wife were inches away from the passing traffic. It made the hairs on our neck stand up, to think of the risk these fools were taking. Is it not the law that you should not attempt repairs on your vehicle without the emergency services in attendance?

Asked on 21 January 2012 by EE, Shamley Green, Surrey.

Answered by Honest John
I was once stranded with a shredded offside rear tyre on the M3 just south of J4 where the hard shoulder is narrow. I called the police for protection. They parked right behind me. I had to demand that they reversed 100 yards back. I still came within 6 inches of getting hamburgered by an HGV, which is why I recommend runflat tyres as much as I do. With runflats, no one needs to stop on a hard shoulder after a puncture.
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