Why do the police not take number plate cloning seriously?

My pensioner parents had an issue over an offending vehicle in the Greater Manchester area that was using a cloned copy of their green Honda Accord registration plate. They live in Gloucestershire. I filled out the form as you have recommended and sent it back. I also spoke to the police and ticketing authority to enquire into the "evidence" they had: i.e. did they have the make, model and colour of the offending vehicle, plus, in the case of parking violations, a tax disc number. They told me it was a dark blue Audi and they did have tax disc info. I assured them we were not who they were looking for and we would see them in court if they so wanted, at which time we would disclose our similar information (we would not be willing to send it to them beforehand - we didn't want any prospect of some retrospective amendment of evidence). And in the meantime they may like to ensure this information was shared with all neighbouring areas.

We heard nothing further. I recall in particular one lady in Greater Manchester police to whom I spoke who told me in no uncertain terms: "But you can't clone registration plates; that's against the law". You couldn't make it up.

Asked on 26 May 2012 by MR, Worcester

Answered by Honest John
The law is based on the premise that the laws on number plate manufacture are strictly and rigorously enforced. But they aren't.
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