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Which small automatic car?

My wife had a Vauxhall Corsa energy 2004 Reg semi-automatic car. We had a bad experience with this vehicle as one day it suddenly stopped displaying F in the dashboard and later being diagnosed as ECU/gear box problem. Unfortunately we had to scrap the car as it was not worth repairing it.

Now we are looking to buy another car but confused as to which would be most reliable small auto car.

Asked on 1 March 2013 by Raghu

Answered by Honest John
Something with a 4 speed torque converter automatic transmission, such as a small Hyundai or KIA, or a Honda Jazz CVT-7.
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Neatly styled. Increased room and better performance than original Jazz. better to drive. Very versatile. CVT-7 returned in February 2011 replacing i-SHIFT. More reliable than first generation Jazz.
Cheap to own. All models have airc on, five seatbelts and flat folding rear seats. Rides and handles quite well for its size. 99g/km Blue model from early 2011.
Excellent small car for the money. High quality and neatly designed interior. Great to drive and cheap to run.

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