Peugeot 206 bought privately is unroadworthy

I purchased a Peugeot 206 two days ago and have just found out today that its actually unroadworthy. I have spoken with citizens advice and they have told me I'm entitled to a full refund or for the seller to fix this. I have spoken with the seller (private) and asked for a refund to which I was told that they knew there was a problem and that its my problem now the car basically is pulling me on the opposite side of the road when I drive it.

I am so upset that someone could sell this to me as I explained to the seller that I had a 1yr old child and that she would be getting in the car and I needed it to be safe. I didn't expect perfection but at least a safe drive I was informed that the car was safe as her son drove it back and from work ever day without problems and there just generally were not any problems.

The private seller has been rude and very offensive towards me and actually said she felt sorry for me as I am a young woman with a small child but its just not her problem. Do you think i have a good enough case to go to small court?

Asked on 23 February 2013 by Lauren_Davis

Answered by Honest John
The private seller is liable for selling you an unroadworthy car, so tell him that if he does not refund your money you will sue him for it via the small claims track of the county court and will also bring criminal charges against him for selling you an unroadworthy car.
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