Dealer didn't tell us our new car had been in an accident - what do we do?

My parents bought my brother a 2005 Peugoet 107 in September 2016. The car developed a fault (horn sounding with no one pressing it) and was sent to the local mechanic to get it sorted. When he was fixing the horn he noticed that the front crumple zones and slam plate had been bent in an accident and had corrosion on them. We have contacted the dealership regarding the issue but they have said if the car passes an independent MOT no refund will be issued. Our mechanic says the damage won't be seen as the car will not be stripped for an MOT and it will pass. Where do we stand?

Asked on 11 January 2017 by GHSAUNDERS40

Answered by Honest John
They are flanneling. Under the 2008 CPRs they were actually obliged to disclose to you the prior crash damage before you bought the car. Threaten to take them to Small Claims and if they don't come to a satisfactory compromise, carry out your threat. If you get a judgement apply for a High Court Sheriffs Order to enforce it. See:
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