Revoked driving licence

I was stopped today and found out that my licence was revoked in 2004 when police checked. Iwas given on spot fine 60 quid and 3 points.... ok fair enough. My car was impounded on a sat so can't get it back until Monday. I'm concerned that I now have no licence, and no means of making a living as self employed. apparently I missed letters to my old address and licence stopped in 2004.

I've had two fines since - one in 2005 and 2007, both dealt with in courts - both endorsable, and both paid, but with no mention of not having a licence. As far as I knew I had clean licence.

What next? Apart from pay fine, as worried a fine for no insurance would be pending.
cheers chris

Asked on 13 January 2013 by chrisschef

Answered by Honest John
You may need to see a solicitor. My recommendation for the past 15 years had been to get a photocard licence that is renewable every 10 years and can even be renewed online if you physically lose it. Then what happened to you can't happen.
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