Tiredness Can Kill: Take a Break

Can you advise me - I was travelling down to Leicester after Christmas from Scotland, stopped off at a service area, (Moto Donnington Park) at midnight for a wee rest, before continuing on at 5 am, the service area was virtually empty with hundreds of empty spaces - it was a foul night with wind and rain.

Yesterday I got the "illegal parking - charges apply after 2 hours notice" must pay £90 etc. I was incensed and even after a nights sleep, I am still incensed! I really am not in a mind to pay a penny - this type of daylight robbery is not on my radar as its illegal in Scotland where I live and the car is registered - "take a rest" "tiredness can Kill" say the motorway signs.

If there was a sign I missed it in all the wind and rain - any suggestions?

Asked on 11 January 2013 by Neil Anderson,Aberdeen

Answered by Honest John
I use these services regularly for a Costa Coffee, a bacon roll and The Telegraph on my way to visit my parents on Saturday mornings. I'm as outraged as you. Reply to the ticket stating you were obeying government instructions, "Tiredness can kill, take a break".

Tell them that if they pursue you for falling asleep in a refuge dedicated to travellers "taking a break" you will use your MP to attempt to get Moto's contract to run the service area revoked. They will never take this to court because no judge with an ounce of common sense would rule in their favour.
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