Leak in my new Ford B-MAX

I have just discovered that my new B-Max is leaking rain water very badly in the offside boot area. A protective sheet that I had on the floor of the boot was found to be soaking wet. The car is now back at Bristol Street Motors. Do you think that the water, having probably been leaking in since manufacture, will cause lasting damage and what rights do I have? The car is currently under a one year warranty but I am more concerned about long lasting damage as I intended to keep the car for several years. I kept my last car for 10 years.

Asked on 28 December 2012 by skylark

Answered by Honest John
First I've ever heard of this. Will list in car by car, but don't have an answer. Will depend on whether the moisture has wetted any electrics. Do you think it's coming in from the hatchback seal, or the cabin vents, low down, either side of the luggage area?
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