Small car for commuting 64 miles each day - what would you recommend?

I wrote off my 52-plate petrol Fiesta Zetec in the ice the other day. I need to replace it with a small second hand car. I will be using it for a daily commute (round trip 64 miles). I'd like it to be cheap to run and have been put off diesels due to particulate filter problems with a previous car which was over three years old. I will keep the car I buy until it runs into the ground or I have a mishap again!

My commute involves a stretch of 10 mile dual carriageway, and the rest is cross country B roads.

I would ideally like to spend no more than £3k, but could spend up to £5k if it worth doing so.

I'd be grateful for any suggestions you have?

Asked on 26 December 2012 by fordvge

Answered by Honest John
A 2002 - 2007 model Fiesta 1.25. They have an excellent reputation. Far better than a VW Polo or a Skoda Fabia, for instance.
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