Impending prosecution for driving Transit Tourneo at 70mph on duel carriagway.

Our vehicle was recorded at 70mph on the A14 at Catforth on 31/10/12. I subsequently supplied a copy of the vehicle V5 showing that its taxation class is 'Diesel Car', and vehicle catagory is 'M1'.

It also shows that it is a purpose built minibus having eight-seats, including the driver. I assumed that the camera had wrongly identified the vehicle as a Transit van and that this would be the end of the matter.

However, we now have a second letter informing us that the prosecution will go ahead. Do we have a case to defend and will we have to spend a day in a court in Cambridgshire?

Asked on 17 December 2012 by Ian Smart

Answered by Honest John
The limit for a bus or minibus not exceeding 12 metres in length on a dual carriageway is 60mph. The limit on a motorway is 70mph.
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