Warranty void on radio after fitting hands free kit

I have a 2010 Volkswagen Polo with a Parrot hands free system fitted from new (by myself). Last month the LCD screen the stereo started to show dead pixels, which gradually grew bigger and migrate around the screen.

I took to my local VW dealer and left it with them, they called me back to say that 'in their opinion' it had been 'thumbed' when the hands free was fitted, meaning that the display had been damaged by force applied by thumb pressure when the stereo was re-fitted, therefore the warranty does not cover it.

I can assure you that the stereo has never been forced, there are no cracks or marks on the screen. If the screen had been damaged why has it taken 2.5 years to appear. The stereo has developed a fault, but VW will not acknowledge this, they assume 'in their opinion' that it has been damaged, but they cannot prove this as there are no marks on the stereo (it's like new), I feel very aggrieved that they are voiding the stereo's warranty on an assumption.

VW are trying to be the pinnacle of safety, but be warned fitting a hands free safety feature will apparently void the stereo's warranty, unbeknown to the general public.

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Notify the supplying dealer that you do not accept his explanation and intend to sue him for the full cost of replacement using the small claims track of the county court, which you can access from


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