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Excel parking services ticket

Two days ago I received a Parking Charge Notice from Excel Parking on my vehicle after parking at Meole Brace retail park in Shrewsbury. I am not the registered owner of this vehicle, it is my girlfriend's. The notice was for parking over the allowed 90 minutes. I left the car at 7.30pm and returned at approx 10pm, I went to attend the Shrewsbury vs MK Dons football match just up the road. I didn't see any signs where I was parked (it was dark and I parked right next to the alley that would take me back to the main road).

I've since been informed there are signs stating NO MATCHDAY PARKING and that you are only allowed 90 minutes parking and no return within 2 hours. I realise now I shouldn't of parked there but, being in a rush to get to the game and it being dark, I didn't walk around the car park to check for signs, I had a look around from where I was standing and couldn't see any. I did drive past a sign but this was in an adjacent car park (for blockbusters), I couldn't see any in the section I was parked.

The notice i recieved was to pay £60 within 14 days or £100 thereafter. Im not sure whether to pay the 'fine' or not. Ive read on the internet to ignore all correspondance relating to this but as the car is registered in my girlfriend's name, she will be the one to receive the nasty letters.

Any advice you can offer me and my girlfriend would be much appreciated

kind regards

Asked on 23 November 2012 by IanCB

Answered by Honest John
If you are not the registered keeper of the car then how did you receive the Parking Charge Notice? Did your girlfriend inform the enforcement agency that you were the driver at the time? Or did she simply hand the Charge Notice to you? Depending on these circumstances, the link tells you what to do, but I think you are liable and I think that in the unlikely event that this went to court the court would also fins you liable:
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