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Private fine for stopping on carriageway at Luton airport

My wife went to collect relatives from Luton Airport. On the airport approach road are circular no stopping on carriageway signs. At the roundabout outside the terminal, she happened to see her relatives and stopped briefly of her own volition and let them into the car.

21 days later she receives a Parking Charge Notice from APCOA Parking demanding £80 for Picking up outside a designated parking area stating that the alleged contravention is a breach of the terms & conditions of use of the airport road infrastructure. Firstly, my wife never agreed to or signed accepting these supposed terms & conditions and secondly, whilst driving at 30 mph, how is a driver supposed to read the signs displaying the terms & conditions?

What is your recommended course of action?

Asked on 20 April 2013 by wegenerp

Answered by Honest John
Same old nightmare I've heard of dozens of times. If you want to challenge it, write to the airport manager. No joy there, there are three stages of appeal with APCOA:
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