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Which engine for a Jaguar XF?

I retired a few years ago. My working life has recently changed and in future I will average less than 10k miles p.a. mainly local trips but occasional 200/300 miles each way trips. My "S" Jaguar is showing sugns of age and reluctantly I feel needs to be replaced rather than continuing maintenance.

I want similar luxury and room for Golf Clubs and Trolley (and wife). Petrol or Diesel? Jaguar XF or what other second hand car would you recommend? I can add around £18000.

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XF 3.0V6 petrol models have not been built for about a year, pending the introduction of the new 3.0 supercharged engine. But if you can find one the 3.0V6 petrol XFs are not only a lot cheaper, they are more reliable than the V6 diesels and much more suitable for low mileage.

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