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I usually change my car every three years. Now that I've retired I intend to buy a new diesel saloon and keep it for eight to ten years. My choices are: Mercedes E class, Jaguar XF, or Audi A5. In your opinion are there build quality, or any other problems, with these makes that would appear over this time frame? Although I don't garage my car, I wash and polish it regularly and have it serviced at a franchised dealer. My annual mileage is 9,000. May I have your thoughts, please?

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I can't work out why you need as diesel for 9,000 miles a year. But of the cars on your list (I think you mean Audi A6), the latest Jag XF S with the 275PS version of the 3.0 diesel engine is by far the most rewarding (and I am including the new MB E Class here). You can drive it quickly or slowly or both and it's still fantastic. But the engine is held together with a timing belt and this will need to be replaced during 8-10 years ownership.

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