Porsche 996 collapsible spares single use?

I am being told by my Porsche dealer that my 996 Turbo's spare (collapsable) tyre cant be collapsed back into its original pack/shape and put back into the front-boot having been used once.

I had a flat left rear tyre and since 996 does not have a sensor to warn me of it, I ended up driving my car a few miles before I pulled over. Breakdown service changed it to the spare tyre (9yr old) which was used for the first time. Porsche fitted a new tyre for 345GBP.

They are now advising me to buy a new spare collapsable tyre. Is this story/explanation right? I fee a bit cheated if the tyre can only be used once!

Asked on 10 September 2012 by SK996

Answered by Honest John
Never heard of this before, but can imagine that the collapsible spare would deteriorate.
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