Private Comapny PCN

Received a PCN from Parking eye for overstaying in a carpark by 8 minutes. I had visited dentist on a sit and wait emergency appointment and 2 days later received the PCN. Like a fool (and I realise now) I sent a letter with my name and address on admitting I was there but at the same time made them aware of the reasons.

Correct a letter was returned refuting my objections to paying. I then replied stating UCTA 1999 to again receive a reply to basically pay up. I did say that I would pay them what would amount to normal charges of £1 per hour and I would have paid this if a machine was available but as its private land there was not. The land is in part used for car parking for various shops, MY DENTIST, childrens playschool and Budgens supermarket.

So my question is that I do not at this time need the pressure and the stress and to be honest this is making me ill with worry! Where do I stand and or go from here.

Asked on 10 September 2012 by Mumybear

Answered by Honest John
Find out who actually owns the land. Your parking contract can only be with the landowner.
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