My FIAT 500 1.4 Sport has a very harsh ride - any ideas?

My recently acquired 59 plate FIAT 500 1.4 Dualogic Sport has a very harsh ride. I assume this is because it has 195/45 tyres on 16inch wheels. If I replace these will it be worth while or are they all harsh? I had to get this model as used automatics are like hen's teeth but my wife can only drive automatics after her hip replacement.

Asked on 29 July 2012 by OLRFC

Answered by Honest John
This will have the original stiffly sprung rear suspension, like mine. The 195/45 R16s make it worse. It's better on 185/55 R15s and better still on 175/65 R14s. To soften it properly you would need to replace the entire rear suspension with 2010MY springs and a new transverse beam with anti roll bar incorporated. I haven't bothered.
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