I cant meet official fuel economy in a Focus EcoBoost

I bought a new Focus hatchback 1.0 eco boost 125 last week, lured by the 55+ mpg advertised by Ford and enthusiastically endorsed and claimed by the salesman. I can't get more than 43mpg, and that's on a run in 6th gear. The garage says the engine needs at least 1000 miles to bed in before the consumption will improve.
I have passed the IAM test. I know how to drive economically. What I don't know is what to do!

Asked on 2 July 2012 by RTH, Leeds

Answered by Honest John
43 is about right. We only got 6.8 l/100km (41.5mpg) on the launch. On Monday I tested a Fiat Punto TwinAir and that only got 46.6. My own FIAT 500 is doing over 50mpg averaging 60+mph on 300 mile trips so it isn't me.
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