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Is my Hyundai dealer clearing old stock by insisting I take a new i10 in July rather than waiting?

The fact that over the last nine years I’ve bought a total of seven Hyundais from the local main dealer (TWG, Northwich) is probably indication enough of my complete satisfaction with both their service and sales, but their proprietor’s insistence on my taking delivery of a new i10 in July/Aug rather than waiting for the new 61 reg makes me wonder if there is some (possibly number of units sold related) dealer-bonus influencing his attitude?

Whilst writing, I wonder if you have any thoughts on why my Porsche 996’s mpg should seem to vary with atmospheric conditions? As my driving follows an unvarying pattern I can’t imagine any other variable responsible for consumption varying from 26 to 32 mpg: the latter figure often obtained with the weight of a full tank.

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In answer to your first question, definitely yes. In answer to the second, my Fiat 500 does 48-49mpg in the winter and 55-56mpg in the summer. So it's definitely better to run in warmer ambient temperatures.
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