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Do I need to acquire a new photocard driving licence to drive in France?

I only occasionally drive in Europe, but I propose driving to south-west France in August with my family. I hold an old style paper UK driving licence. I understand that the DVLA website does not suggest that this is inadequate, but a number of people have told me that the French Police can be difficult or otherwise suggest that an old style licence is not acceptable to them, and that I should therefore obtain a new style photocard licence. Can you advise on the true position please, so that if necessary, I still have time to apply for a new style licence?

Asked on 12 May 2011 by DL, Sway

Answered by Honest John
It isn't mandatory. It just avoids misunderstandings and trouble. I advise you to get one. If you have a recent passport with a biometric photo then the DVLA can get your photo from the passport office and you don’t have to go through the onerous rigmarole of having your photo validated.
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