Should I replace my Honda Jazz with a newer model or is there another car I could consider?

I am 80 years young and my current Honda Jazz is now three years old. This is my second Jazz and I am well satisfied with this model. Knowing nothing about the mechanics, I have been changing my car every three years since I retired 14 years ago. Prior to this I had 14 company cars over 30 years. My question is, in your opinion, would you change this car (I have only clocked 18,000 miles), or would you keep it another year? I keep thinking that the next car may be my last but I am in good health and my wife and I still like to visit friends and family who are further afield. I know you are a fan of the Jazz and so am I, but is there any other make of car I should be looking at?

Asked on 5 March 2011 by TW, Rotherham

Answered by Honest John
Fortunately you missed a dark period in the history of the Jazz, called i-shift. This was the automated manual that replaced the CVT-7 from 2008 until early 2011, and was not liked by a lot of Jazz customers. Now the Jazz CVT-7 is back, so you can safely swap when you wish to. The fact of the i-shift means that MkII Jazz automatics from 2008 – 2010 are shunned by some people and this has increased values of late MkI CVT-7s, like yours. I've heard of a 2008/58 advertised for £10,332. You may find your Honda dealer only too willing to cut a deal for the new car with yours in p/x. The new CVT-7 is from £14,500, and prices can only rise, so now could be a sensible time to make the swap. Worth asking your dealer.
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