Volkswagen Scirocco Blue moan

Faced with repeated failure of the Bluetooth in my Scirocco with my Blackberry 8520, I devised my own shortcut to 're-booting' the cars cranky software and system. When the connection first fails (or does not connect at all), I turn off the car engine, go to the fuse box under the bonnet, take out the relevant fuse and then reinsert (if not sure take them all out one by one and re-insert correctly. I asked VW for a fuse box map and one was not forthcoming).

I then turn off the Blackberry, take out the battery and SIM, replace all and turn on the phone. I then put the phone in LISTEN mode on the Bluetooth settings, turn the car ignition on, go to the Bluetooth connect settings, when the PIN comes up I re-key into the phone and connection is made. When the phone next fails turn off the car ignition and simply turn off the phone, take out the battery and the SIM, replace, turn on and it will connect (without having to take out the fuse in the car) when you restart the car.

It is important the settings on the phone are 'open' - that is, any encryption settings for the actual Bluetooth device must be disabled. The VW software is clearly cranky but does work with a Blackberry 8520 - and mine still works without failure after the last re-set 4 weeks ago.

I now await for VW to upgrade the software - which I understand will be forthcoming (important for buyers of VW cars to make their feelings heard at, and felt by, VW).

Asked on 15 January 2010 by NS, Surrey

Answered by Honest John
Tags: bluetooth
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