Why do SEAT brochures state that a space-saver wheel is supplied when mine wasn't?

The brochure for my SEAT stated that a space-saver spare was supplied with the car, but it did not come with one. I pursued the matter vigorously with the dealer who relented and supplied me with a new spacesaver wheel and changing tool kit. SEAT refused to do anything but the dealer felt obliged to, owing to misrepresentation in the sales catalogue

Asked on 24 December 2010 by IH, via email

Answered by Honest John
He did it out of goodwill, which was decent and good of him. There is no misrepresentation. Case law (Johnson v HWM Kingston County Court 1997) holds that the specification of a car can change between brochure and order and delivery because of the time lapse. But SEAT may now have had a change of heart because readers are now reporting that all but ECOmotiv models do come with a space-saver spare.
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