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Thanks to Cophall Farm Parking at Gatwick Airport for excellent customer service.

I booked my car into parking near Gatwick. They had offered the lowest price for 10 days parking that I could find. All staff were courteous and efficient. Then I got stranded in Spain due to the snow at Gatwick followed by the Spanish Air Traffic Controllers' mass walk out. Cophallfarm cheerfully extended the return parking date for another six days.

By this time, my car had been stored outside for 16 days in exceptionally cold weather. My flight back to the UK arrived at 10.30pm in freezing conditions. Even with a well-maintained car, I not unreasonably expected possible starting problems in these circumstances. I need not have worried - Cophallfarm had the cars prepared with the engine running, heater on full, windscreen - side glass - and rear screen dry and clear, door slightly ajar to prevent condensation, headlights on to prevent ice forming on them, and the car literally "ready to go". They did not even charge for the extra days. I thought that was brilliant service.

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That truly is unusually excellent. Well done I'll find somewhere in my website directories to include them.
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