Why are drivers given no quarter for minor offences when civil servants are often let off?

I got a ticket for being caught in a bus lane in London, because I stopped to let an ambulance with its siren on pass, accompanied by a police escort. I am appealing. Did you happen to read of the policeman who put his taser gun on the roof of his car and drove off, losing the gun in Vauxhall, London? Also the council worker that burned a library down after going to lunch and leaving his blow torch on? In both cases their respective federation heads said there must be no blame on the culprits because it could give them a mental hang up and it establishes a blame culture. Well, the poor car driver certainly gets the blame, and there is little mercy for him or her. Don't you think that this country has become ridiculous? The motorist is highly discriminated against. When some innocent person is shot with the policeman’s lost Taser gun, who will they blame?

Asked on 6 December 2010 by CC, Ockley, Surrey.

Answered by Honest John
Happily there are some weak rays of sunshine, like withdrawing of funding for speed camera partnerships so those nasty pariahs that fed off our blood are now going to have to find an honest living. Common sense is poking its head out of the bunker and having a look around. But ministers now have rather a lot to occupy their attention. Like students rioting because their country cannot actually afford to educate them. Civil servants striking because their country cannot afford their pensions. Investment bankers still being accused of ripping us all off, but getting away with it. There's going to be a lot more of that sort of thing this year.
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