Would you support the use of pneumatic speed humps?

When visiting southern Spain recently, I found an article in an English language newspaper that may be of interest to you. Although I support your campaign against speed cushions, if our anti-motorist authorities persist in installing damaging speed restrictions, pneumatic speed humps may go some way, if adopted, to reduce potential damage to suspensions and tyres.

Asked on 2 November 2010 by WR, Meopham.

Answered by Honest John
Interesting, but I wonder what their lifespan is? A UK company is using old car tyres (possibly some of those wrecked by asphalt speed humps) to make rubber speed humps. On 6 November I drove through Coulsdon near Croydon on the Futurecar Brighton to London run, and that had the best example of a traffic calmed high street I have ever seen in the UK, using narrow car lanes, parking, planted pinch points and short sections of cobbled surface, and having the psychological effect of making me drive down it at 20mph whatever the true speed limit actually was. Congratulations to the council concerned and its traffic planners.
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