Why doesn't my local council fit time-controlled traffic lights outside a school instead of speed humps?

I presume that the proposal of road humps in Park Avenue, Stourport on Severn is made to ensure the safety of children at the new Primary School. I support measures to improve safety but consider that the proposal, as currently advertised, is not the best way of achieving this aim. I registered an objection on the grounds that the critical periods are at the beginning and end of the school day and probably each last for not more than one hour. The school is only open for five days a week and the school year lasts for forty weeks so the total risk duration is 400 hours per annum leaving 8360 hours of the year when the humps are unnecessary and cause inconvenience both to traffic and to street residents.

There is evidence that humps cause damage to vehicle tyres and suspensions in addition to deterioration of the road substrate and possible damage to adjacent properties. I understand that some local councils have been found liable to compensate property owners for structural damage to walls and buildings foundations caused by the pounding of traffic over humps. I suggest that a more elegant solution to the enhancement of safety with the minimum disadvantage to traffic and residents would be for the installation of time controlled traffic signs restricting the speed limit to 20mph with camera enforcement if required. Such a system is already in local use at Wilden Lane, for Wilden Primary School and in Windermere Way, for Stourport High School; both installations appear to be having the desired effect even without camera surveillance.

Asked on 30 June 2012 by PB, Stourport on Severn

Answered by Honest John
Your email makes total sense to me. But, I guess someone is making money out of the installation of the humps, and that is why they are pressing ahead. I have a photo of a shop in Berkhamsted High Street adjacent to a speed table that actually collapsed. Finding themselves liable for this sort of thing can change the attitude of councillors.
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