How can I stop our local council installing speed humps?

In July the main street through Milford-on-Sea was resurfaced, and the work was excellently carried out, resulting in one of the smoothest roads in Hampshire. Now, only a couple of months later, the council threatens to dig it up and install a pinch point and a hump at the zebra crossing. This is absolute madness. If these features were considered necessary, they should have been put in at the time of the main roadworks, but they are not necessary. Drivers always stop most obligingly for pedestrians at the zebra crossing, and speeds are low. The council's own speed survey showed a highest average of 30.6mph, while at other points speeds were 26.4, 25.8 and 24.6 mph. What can be done to prevent such needless vandalism?

Asked on 30 November 2013 by SB, Milford-on-Sea

Answered by Honest John
Investigate the council officials, councillors and the contractor who has got the job of putting in this obstacle course. Make an FoI request for all the tenders for the work. I bet it all went straight to one contractor without any competitive quoting. I also bet that the cost of the works will be astronomical. That's why these things happen. Money and greed. Nothing whatsoever to do with road safety. You can counter the proposals by raising the spectre of earth tremors caused by vehicles mounting and dismounting the 'speed table' with potential damage to ancient buildings. I've attached a photo of a shop adjacent to a speed table on Berkhamsted High Street that collapsed as a result.)
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