How should I proceed with regards to traffic damaging my house due to the location of speed humps?

I have read your comments regarding speed humps and would like some advice. I live in a semi in the Midlands. There are two sets of semis next to each other. We are situated on a hill. If I look out of my front door, the hill comes down from the right, past my attached neighbour, and on down the road. Opposite are five single storey lock-up shops with a parking cut out in front of them. Outside number three is a bus stop and a speed hump right across the two carriageways of the road by the bus stop. But it does not go right across into the shop parking area.

As the buses come down the hill to the bus stop they are braking as they go over the speed hump. This is causing our houses to shake violently, once every hour, according to the schedule. Sitting in the back bedroom on my computer, the whole floor shakes when a bus stops outside. Our properties are built on clay, not the most stable of foundations, and we are worried as to the extent of damage to our buildings and the underground piping and sewers if this carries on unchecked.

I have read various letters that you have published in the Motoring section of The Saturday Telegraph regarding speed humps, where you have advised using a structural engineer to examine situations such as this and wondered if you would advise the same in this instant, or for us to follow some other route.

Asked on 2 November 2012 by BG. via email

Answered by Honest John
Get a solicitor to serve notice on the council that shockwaves from the percussion of vehicles traversing the humps are damaging your house and if any cracks appear you will sue the council to completely rebuild your house, re-house you in the meantime and pay all the associated costs of you moving out and back in again, including transfer of telephone, gas, electricity and water accounts, etc.
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