What alternatives are there to speed humps for preventing speeding in residential areas?

I agree with what you say about speed humps. I class them as a punishment although I’ve not done anything wrong. However, most speed humps near me are there because local residents complain about traffic speeding, so I would assume that most residents want them. I believe that all speed humps etc should be removed ASP. However, I would be interested to hear how you or any readers would solve the problem of speeding in residential areas.

Asked on 9 March 2013 by TW, Washington

Answered by Honest John
Chicanes, brick paved areas, removal of separate sidewalks, bayed parking with planters; generally making drivers feel they are driving through a pedestrianised area.
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The Government has declared it will “cease its war” on the motorist whilst diesel has risen to £1.39 a litre. Will it remove its real weapon of mass destruction - the road hump? Probably not.

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