Why does Heathrow Airport still charge £2.50 to stop briefly to pick up passengers?

A few days ago, I was collecting an arriving passenger at Heathrow Airport, Terminal One. I followed all the signs correctly and found myself in the short stay car park. The person I was collecting was standing waiting, so it took me one minute in the car park, then £2.50 to get out. After the incident at Glasgow Airport in 2007 we know the reason why airports had to make arrangements to prevent cars getting close to Terminals. But surely this charge is just a racket to make the motorist pay yet again? I complained to Heathrow Airport, and got the usual soft soap, saying that it’s partly to help reduce vehicle emissions. I think that’s rubbish.

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Odd one, that. Still no charge at Terminal 3 if the arriving passenger is ready and waiting, but, of course, after the demolition of the old carpark, there’s a now a lot more room in front of T3.
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