Is there a lobby group which stands up for the interests of motorists?

You often publicise issues that seem unfair to road users: speed humps, road repairs, inappropriate speed enforcement and unfair parking charges, for example. Motorists are a huge proportion of the (voting) population and yet they seem powerless to exert any influence. Once upon a time I thought the AA and RAC were the voice of the motorist, but seemingly they are fairly ineffective these days. Is that unfair? Or should we be looking to mobilise motorists to find a lobby group that could really stand up for their interests?

Asked on 2 October 2010 by MR, Aylesbury

Answered by Honest John
Some people claim to run motorists lobbies. The ABD is one of the most prominent. Idris Francis is a tireless campaigner. I don't claim to because of the colossal amount of work involved and I simply don't have the time. What I can do and repeatedly do is publicise issues.
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