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In 1996, when the Driving Theory Test was first introduced, I was employed as chief invigilator at a central London Test centre which processed about 200 candidates per day and we had about 4 invigilators to check the identities of the candidates prior to allowing them to take the tests. Most of the invigilators were retired middle aged people and not trained to make more than a cursory check. I was a retired police inspector and detected personally 3 fraudsters. However, by the time I'd called the police and made statements, etc., the free-flowing of the centre was severely disrupted. I asked for a spare invigilator to cover this exigency but was refused. Wondering how all the other centres coped I asked my MP to pose a Parliamentary Question: "How many candidates were arrested between 1st July 1997 and 30th June 1998 for impersonation in the Theory Test?" The answer was 6 out of 1.1 million candidates. I'd arrested half of them. I recently posed a similar question for the period July 1st 2008 to 30th June 2009. The answer was 1,241. Either the candidates in 1997/98 were extremely honest or they were poorly invigilated. There should be a public enquiry into this and the company which enjoyed the fruits of the franchise brought to task.

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In many countries of the world, if you can't pass a driving test, you simply buy your licence. You can then, as a visitor, legally drive in the UK on it for 6 months.
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