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I wonder if you have had any comments about the double clutch automatic gearbox that Ford is fitting in place of the conventional epicyclic gearbox with torque converter. I recently bought a Ford Mondeo with a 2-litre direct injection engine and the PowerShift gearbox and I think it is a very poor substitute for the real thing. I have been a two footed driver of automatics for nearly 40 years and I have never had any problem manoeuvring in confined spaces, but the PowerShift is very jerky when the engine and gearbox are cold and I am wondering what damage I am doing to the two wet plate clutches by use the two foot method.

Asked on 19 September 2010 by ST, Oxford

Answered by Honest John
This is the first complaint I've received of the Powershift, but it is duly noted. I've driven PowerShift in the Focus 2.0TDCI, the new C-Max 2.0TDCI, the S-Max 2.0SCTI 203 and the Mondeo 2.0SCTI 240 and never had a moments bother with it, despite having to be fairly brutal getting cars into position for filming drivebys. I've has some fantastic drives with it in the C-Max, S-Max and new Mondeo. I rate it far superior to VAG's DSG and S-tronic (different names for the same thing), though they are now improving.
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