Head gasket failure called 'wear and tear'

I was told that the head gasket was covered on the warranty, but when I took it to the garage and they phoned them they said it is not covered as it is "wear and tear."

The garages I have spoken to have said that the head gasket is not wear and tear and even if it is just starting to go then surely it's failed?

Now the car is in the VAT registered garage and I have no means to pay for the repair, which we were originally told was covered.

So could have taken it to a non VAT registered garage which would have been cheaper but now the engine's apart I cant do that.

As far as I understand a head gasket is not a part that is generally replaced so we can't understand how they can be saying it is a wear and tear item?

Extremely unhappy with their rude service and as this is the first time we've used them it will probably be the last! Hope you can help with this matter...

Asked on 12 January 2012 by Shane

Answered by Honest John
I can't understand how a head gasket clamped solidly between the engine block and the cylinder head can be a "wearing part" and I don't think a judge in the small claims track of a county court would either. Appraise the warranty insurer of your intention to take the matter there.
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