New parking regulations

Having read your replies re motorists being billed for overstaying supermarket carparks etc, you refer to new parking regulation from November which you say gives private companies almost unlimited rights regarding making unreasonable charges for minor infringments.

Could you say just what these alterations are? I am about to send an appeal to Parking Eye for being 19 minutes over the 90 minute allowance, even thoughh the co-op store was very busy in Christmas week and there were holdups in exiting the small congested car park.

I have been sent photos of my car with times and a demand for £45 within 20 days, otherwise £90. I have a store receipt and did not go outside the confines of the store or park.

Asked on 30 December 2011 by Gardener Paul

Answered by Honest John
No. The Bill passed its Report stage in November. The Act does not become law until October 2012. The BPA has asked if I come across a reader complaint that I feel is justified, please ask them to register their concern at
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