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Fiesta heating problem

I've just got my car back from having an MOT and my heating has noticeably deteriorated, prior to the MOT it was working perfectly.

On the heating dial, I used to have it one click in the red and it would be comfortably warm, since getting the car back, even when it's on full it's just about warm.

I phoned the garage who had done the MOT and they said it sounded like the 'valve' had gone and it would be £80 for a new valve + £45 fitting/labour = £125.

Sounds a bit steep to me, I bought a Ford as parts were supposed to be cheap?! I am female and certainly no mechanic, can't help feeling as though I'm being conned here.

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Will be the valve between the engine coolant pipes and the heater matrix. Common failure on the Fiesta. More likely to be due to the fact that you are now using the heater after a summer of not using it. Not due to the service.
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