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I parked in my local station car park at 10.32 and paid for 1 days parking (£10.10) via my credit card. I have used the machine before and expected a ticket plus a receipt to be issued, but only a receipt for £10.10 came out of the machine although I waited 2 or 3 minutes.

On returning late at night I found that a 'civil parking notice' had been issued by Alcoa at 13.53 for the sum of £50 (becoming £80 after 14 days). The attendant who had issued it had written "Displayed only credit card receipt - no ticket. No fault found on pay machine".
Could you please advise on my best approach to contest this?

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Tell them that if they pursue this you intend to sue them in the small claims track of the county court for failing to provide the parking ticket you paid for and can prove that you paid for.

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