Missing locking wheel nuts

I recently purchased a Citroen C3 Picasso Connexion which comes supplied with "Blade" alloy wheels and was of the understanding that the vehicle would be fitted with the appropriate Locking wheel bolts for security etc

However the vehicle did not come with such locking bolts and I am concerned that the wheels are not protected from being stolen etc

Having spoken to the supplying dealer (200 miles away) and my local dealership (10 miles away) I have told various stories about "a batch of vehicles had to be fitted with regular bolts due to supply constraints and would be retro fitted" then the situation became complicated as to how the retro fit would be charged back to the original dealer finally then being told that the "locking wheel bolts have now been deleted henceforth due to supply constraints"

I now don't know if all or any of what I've been told is actually the truth and it is further complicated because the actual "supply constraint" wheel locking bolts that should have been fitted are in fact available ex-stock via Ebay (being sold by actual Citroen dealerships) and via dealerships on the internet at an additional cost (fitted) circa £50!

I feel that I being asked to pay for something I've already paid for and am left wondering what else has been affected by "supply constraints" - can you clarify my position?

Asked on 27 July 2011 by ethermax

Answered by Honest John
The amount of money is too low to take the matter to the small claims track of the county court. So there isn't anything you can do apart from involve local Trading Standards.
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