Buying a (fairly) new car

My two tall daughters and I need a new(ish) car. I would like a hatchback with a good safety record (crash test) that is cheap to run where fuel consumption and repairs are concerned, is reliable, has 5 doors, 5 seats and a reasonable-sized boot. We do about 7,000 miles a year, mostly in the city. Our budget is about GBP8,000. What would you recommend?

Asked on 2 July 2011 by Holly2408

Answered by Honest John
Try to find a current shape Honda Jazz 1.2. You should get one within budget.
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Neatly styled. Increased room and better performance than original Jazz. better to drive. Very versatile. CVT-7 returned in February 2011 replacing i-SHIFT. More reliable than first generation Jazz.

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