Is the garage ripping me off?

I took my Rover 45 to a garage as the cylinder head had gone.

When the part was skimmed it was apparently warped, he said he would try and seal it anyway. It would not seal and he recommended a new engine.

I agreed to this. Garage had car for three weeks promising 10 days in a row it would be ready then not. I was assured he didn't want to return vehicle because it was under 3-month warranty and did not want it to come back to him again anf again.

I picked the car up at 11am, was told that he'd had to jump start it that morning but the drive home would charge it.

Got home and the car would not start. Jump started the vehicle to go buy a new battery. Mechanic who was going to fit battery said there was nothing wrong with it. I contacted the garage and told them this, and was instructed to return the vehicle and they would fit a new engine.

I'm now told today gearbox and starter are faulty and they can repair for £385. That is with them paying for half the cost of parts due to inconvenience. Alternatively I can get the car back but they will charge £200 for removing gearbox etc.

This car was returned under assuption that it was under warranty. Is there a regulatory body I can ask to investigate this.

Asked on 17 June 2011 by nightmairs

Answered by Honest John
They are problems that come from trying to repair the fault as cheaply as possible. Regulations don't apply in a case like this. The garage has done what it could for you.
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